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Monday, March 21st, 2016 4:35 PM

Test Sticks

I purchased the 10 day test pack, I have yet to reach my "peak" result and fear I will run out of test sticks. My results for the past 6 days are all high fertility (flashing smiley), I don't know if this is normal. Anyway, if I purchase another kit am I able to use those test sticks with the monitor I started with?

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8 years ago

Hi Jeanie - High Fertility will be displayed when an increase in estrogen is detected.  Once High Fertility is displayed, the holder will continue to display High Fertility daily until an LH surge is detected or until tests are missed for 3 consecutive days. 

We typically recommend that women stop testing when they have seen up to 9 High Fertility days however it depends on the length of your cycle and when you started testing according to your cycle.

Yes, you can use new test sticks with your old Holder vice versa as long as they are for that particular Ovulation test. 

In order to give you more complete advice, please give our careline a call and mention reference number 001801542A so we can make sure that you are testing in the most efficient way possible to find those important days.