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Tuesday, November 21st, 2023 3:13 PM

Trying to understand my cycle after a MC

Hi there,

Sadly I had a D&C three weeks ago (at 10 weeks). I've been trying to understand my cycle.

I tested with an advanced digital test two weeks after my D&C and it showed peak fertility.

I know that it could have been a false positive (my hcg showed a very faint positive that day) so I started to test with cheap LH stripes (only two days later).

LH stripes are negative but seem to show a slow rise, so I tested with CB today (exactly one week after the smiley face) and it showed

low fertility. Is this result reliable? I read that CB holder rests after one week so I hope it is. Can i continue to test with it?

I know I could have ovulated last week but in case I have not is it possible that CB will detect another LH surge?

my hcg tests have been negative for 6 days now.



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