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Monday, March 23rd, 2015 1:29 AM

two different results

Hi, My period came on the 17/3-19/9 and I did my first test on the 21/3 (I have a short cycle so I did the test after my period) and it shows blank smiley face. I tried the next day 22/3 and it appeared flashing smiley face. 23/3 is appeared a solid smiley face . 24/3- I opened another new box of clearblueovulation kit just to try if I really get the solid face. And it shows "nothing". Can anyone please advise what's happening? Did I ovulate or is just a false results?

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9 years ago

Hi Emma, thanks for messaging us! It is likely that the first result with a new holder will be Low Fertility. If you happen to do the first test on the day of your LH surge it can also show Peak Fertility with the first test. Since you've already detected your most fertile time you can stop testing and any remaining test sticks can be used in a future cycle if needed. We hope this helps!