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Monday, March 23rd, 2015 1:29 AM

two different results

Hi, My period came on the 17/3-19/9 and I did my first test on the 21/3 (I have a short cycle so I did the test after my period) and it shows blank smiley face. I tried the next day 22/3 and it appeared flashing smiley face. 23/3 is appeared a solid smiley face . 24/3- I opened another new box of clearblueovulation kit just to try if I really get the solid face. And it shows "nothing". Can anyone please advise what's happening? Did I ovulate or is just a false results?
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9 years ago

Hi Emma,

It sounds like you found your Peak Fertility on 23/3.  The LH Surge normally lasts for 1-2 days so it's often not still there if you test the day after finding Peak.  Stop testing for this cycle as you have found the information you were looking for :-)