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Friday, April 12th, 2024 8:26 AM

Two different results.

Hi. We are currently trying for another baby after an ectopic pregnancy. I’ve had 3 cycles now and tracked all these on a new reader. 
I have the advanced ovulation reader and the standard clear blue ovulation reader. 

I have taken a result yesterday morning on my advanced reader and it’s gone from low fertility for 4 days to now straight to peak fertility no high is this normal? 

today I’ve now done a reading on the normal clear blue ovulation with the advanced sticks in this and got low fertility? What does this mean please. I’m now really confused weather  to go with the advanced reader result. 

thank you. 

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1 month ago

I’ve had the exact same issue today, does anyone know why this might be happening?

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Check the line when u take it out the test if its darker it means u ovulating etc