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Sunday, May 24th, 2020 6:07 AM

Two smiley faces eight days apart?

I’m very new to all this so need some advise?

I started testing the first day off my last period by day 8 I had a solid smiley face (which obviously lasted 2 days). I have been testing every day since and today is day 17 and I’ve just got another solid smiley face.

I thought you where only meant to get one smiley face a cycle? Please help I’m confused.

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4 years ago


Usually we expect the solid smiley to occur once in the cycle; about 12-16 days before the next Period. If you have seen the solid smiley more than once this is not what we expect to see, occasionally a very early surge may be a pre-ovulatory surge. Have intercourse to keep yourself covered, when you saw the solid face the second time. You can start testing later next cycle as you did start testing very early. Use the leaflet to determine when you should start testing according to your cycle length.