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Monday, December 9th, 2019 12:09 AM

Two times of peak fertility after 5 days

I tested on 4/12 and I got a solid smiley face, then a few circles after that, however, I tried this morning (9/12) a solid smiley face came up.... I was quite surprised and not getting the point for those 2 solid smiley faces within 5 days. Does it mean I ovulatate two times in my cycle? Are these test from ClearBlue reliable? I'm first time trying to conceive and very worried about the results. Anyone please help my mind!

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4 years ago

Hi Rachel,

Typically we would expect ovulation to occur once in the cycle about 12-16 days before the next Period. The LH surge (peak fertility) occurs 24-36 hours prior to this. If you are suitable to use the test; this information is in the leaflet, your results will be over 99% accurate. If you see unusual results in 3 or more cycles and have any concerns we would recommend to see a Dr.