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Monday, January 25th, 2016 7:54 PM

Used Fertility Monitor

I am thinking about purchasing a fertility monitor... but i dont have the money for a new one... Can a used monitor still be accurate for a different person? are there any issues buying used? Please help... we have been trying for so long, I have PCOS so we are trying everything we can to know when...

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8 years ago

Hello Kayleigh - We don't recommend purchasing used monitors for hygienic reasons. However, if the monitor is reset so that the previous owners data is removed and the monitor itself isn't showing any errors then the accuracy of the product should not be affected. 

Please bare in mind that the fertility monitor is not suitable for those with PCOS as results can be misleading.

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8 years ago

Depending on how PCOS affects your hormonal levels and cycles, you may get anovulatory LH spikes; it can register as peak on the monitor, but does not culminate in an egg release. Some women with PCOS get multiple LH surges a cycle before they ovulate. You can confirm whether a peak did result in ovulation after the fact by charting your basal body temperature (one book that teaches this is Taking Charge of Your Fertility by T Weschler), or your physician may be able to order post-peak blood draws to check progesterone levels to confirm ovulation has passed. You may like to seek out a doctor who specializes in natural reproduction to help. I've heard that the NaPRO physicians have excellent success rates (greater than IVF) for couples who experience subfertility. If you are trying to chart your cycles and want to use the monitor to help within a fertility awareness method, you may like to seek out a Marquette Method NFP instructor. Good luck!