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Friday, January 22nd, 2016 7:31 PM

What can I use to help us with my age and condition?

Hello, I am 42, my husband is 32. a year ago we lost our baby at 7 weeks. It was devastating and I had at the time conceded that I was too old and my condition of Endometriosis would always prevent me from falling pregnant again. However I am now a year on desperate to become pregnant again. We are considering using a ClearBlue product to help us. We enjoy making love so for us that is not the problem. It is however my age and I want to make the most of my chances before the age of 45 as I know the chances lesson. Can you please advise. Kindest Regards
Karen & Matt

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8 years ago

Hello Karen,

We're so sorry to hear about you loss and your struggle. 

The information we can provide you is limited as we are not medical professionals. However it's important to know that there are only a few days per month when you can conceive.  To get pregnant, you need to have sex on the days leading up to and around when you ovulate.  Two to three days prior to ovulation and the day of ovulation are your most fertile days. We have some more information on our website  http://www.clearblueeasy.com/trying-to-have-a-baby.php about ovulation and tips for conception. Please bare in mind that our advice is no substitute for the information that a doctor can provide someone such as yourself who has found it difficult to conceive. 

We wish you all the best.