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Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 12:54 AM

when do you ovulate after getting a peak fertility reading?

Hi I am using your digital ovulation predictor and I received peak fertility today ..what are my chances of getting pregnant if I had sex two days before peak fertility? As well as what are my chances of getting pregnantif I have sex the day the predictor shows peak fertility?

Also the directions state that I should stop testing for ovulation after I get one day of peak fertility..if I were to keep to testing what would happen on the third day? What would the ovulation predictor kit show?
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9 years ago

Hi JacLyn - The chances of getting pregnant will depend on you and your partner but if you have sex when you are at Peak Fertility you will have given yourself the best possible chance. There is no value in continuing to test after Peak so save the test sticks in case you need them in a future cycle - the result would likely be low.