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Saturday, November 7th, 2015 6:38 PM

Why is Clearblue discrepant from dr blood test? *Important for last embryo transfer this Mon 11/9

Clearblue said high fertility Tues and peak on Wed, yet the dr's blood test said peak on Tues (2hrs after clearblue) (lh 63, estradiol 192 same as previous day). Why the discrepancy? Does clearblue use estradiol and it was too high/ it couldn't tell it had plateaued from the day before? -- This is extremely important for timing because we're transferring my last embryo from 7yrs ago (I'm 42 now) on monday morning.
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9 years ago

Hi Kathleen - The sensitivity of four tests to LH is 40mIU/ml in urine.  We can only speculate that the urine sample you tested earlier on the Tuesday had less than 40mIU/ml LH as the Surge was just starting but the test was able to pick it up the following day.  Our test is designed for home use and the timing of intercourse rather than in conjunction with clinical protocols so may not be the best method for your requirements.  We wish you lots of luck with your embryo transfer!